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What is a Manuka Flower?

Manuka, or Leptospermum Scoparium, is a scrub-like tree that grows abundantly along New Zealand's coasts, where land that had previously been cut for forestry or farming is now being let to revert to native forest.

Manuka tree flower is generally one of the first species to regrow on cleared ground. It is usually a shrub that grows 2–5 metres tall, but it can also develop into a substantial tree, reaching up to 15 metres.

Where Are They Produced?

Manuka is widespread in New Zealand and Australia, and it is likely one of the most prevalent species in wetland, coastal, and lowland forests.

It is a fast-growing shrub that grows to a height of 3-4 metres and is one of the first species to come back following land disturbance.

Manuka flowers are exceedingly sensitive to even minor changes in climate, rainfall, and wind, despite the resilience of the Manuka shrub itself. Nevertheless, the plant is hardy and can withstand harsh weather and climates.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The Manuka flowering season is exceptionally brief. It is only 2-6 weeks per year in the summer (December-January in the Southern Hemisphere).
  • Manuka flowers are exceedingly delicate, and even minor changes in climate, rainfall, and wind can harm them.
  • Manuka Flowers are intense competitors. They can sense the vibrations of bee wings and respond by sweetening their nectar briefly to attract pollinators.
  • The Manuka flower is rare, and Manuka bushes often naturally grow in difficult to reach locations.
  • To collect enough nectar to make one 500g jar of Manuka honey, bees make roughly 22,700 separate journeys to the Manuka flowers.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka flower honey has got its name from its shrub-like plant-manuka. Bees pollinate the flower Leptospermum Scoparium, widely known as the Manuka bush, and produce honey.

Manuka honey is different from other honey due to its antibacterial qualities. Manuka honey is an ointment for wounds of all kinds and even aids as good support in the immune system, digestion or skincare.

Native bees, moths, flies, beetles, and geckos benefit from the pollen and nectar produced by Manuka flowers, which have a delicious scent and provide an essential supply of pollen and nectar.

In the early 1990s, Phil Caskey and his wife Sharan were among the first to examine the quality and advantages of honey produced by bees from the Manuka flower.

Manuka flower honey is different from other honey as it contains the active component methylglyoxal, which exhibits antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Let's Explore the Advantages of Manuka Honey

1. Healing Wounds

Manuka honey has the power to deal with wounds of all kinds, from cuts to scrapes, due to its antibacterial properties. Honey has a lower moisture content; therefore, it draws the fluid from a wound.

This helps in the removal of waste and accelerates the healing process. Honey also absorbs water from invading bacteria cells.

Water is needed for bacteria to grow and survive. Therefore, invading bacteria will be killed by sucking the water out of them.

2. Soothing Sore Throat

Manuka flower honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, it forms a film over the throat, decreases cough irritation and helps speed up the healing of throat scratches.

Manuka honey can aid in the treatment of sore throats. According to some research, it appears to combat bacteria that cause discomfort, especially in people receiving chemotherapy or radiation.

3. Treating Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers, or sores on the stomach's lining, can cause stomach pain, bloating and nausea.

Manuka flower honey is native to New Zealand and has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are said to help to treat and heal gastric ulcers.

4. Treating Acne

Manuka honey flower can help to improve the appearance of your skin. It can help keep your skin clean by balancing the pH level of your skin and shedding away dead cell debris.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce acne-related local irritation. Manuka honey can also be used to treat existing pimples.

5. Promoting Oral Health

It's crucial to reduce oral bacteria that generate plaque to avoid tooth decay and maintain your gums healthy.

However, it's also vital not to eliminate all beneficial oral bacteria that keep your mouth healthy.

For example, Manuka honey has been found in studies to combat harmful oral bacteria linked to plaque production, gum irritation, and tooth decay.

4 Best Manuka Teas

1. T Leaf T Mixed Tea - Six Sampler

T Leaf T's six samplers include a variety of teas and are an excellent gift for anybody interested in learning to explore teas and infusions.

In their Mixed Sampler the New Zealand Breakfast tea is blended with Manuka to create a healthy start to the day.

  • New Zealand Breakfast (contains Manuka)
  • Chai
  • Kawakawa Fire
  • Tokyo Lime
  • Peppermint
  • Berrylicious

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2. T Leaf T Black Tea Blended - Six Sampler

Six sample tins of loose leaf black tea mix sample are included in the T Leaf T Black Tea Blended

  • English Breakfast
  • Orange Pekoe
  • New Zealand Breakfast (contains Manuka)
  • Irish Breakfast
  • Malty Breakfast Blend
  • Darjeeling First Flush Blend

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3. T Leaf T New Zealand - Six Sampler

T Leaf T’s New Zealand inspired sample collection contains six tins of mixed loose leaf teas and infusions that encompass the favourite flavours of New Zealanders

  • New Zealand Breakfast (contains Manuka)
  • Kawakawa Fire
  • Christmas Tea w/ Mānuka
  • Energise
  • Turmeric Chai Organic,
  • Honeyed Chamomile w/ Kawakawa

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4. T Leaf T New Zealand Breakfast Screw Can

T Leaf T's New Zealand Breakfast is a delicious blend of strong Assam tea and natural New Zealand manuka leaves suitable for mornings and afternoons.

To emphasise the rich malt flavour and the subtle note of pine, add milk and sugar. There are four luxury pyramid tea bags in this package.

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Manuka flower honey can treat wounds, enhance oral health, soothe a sore throat, and treat ulcers and acne thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant characteristics.

In addition, Manuka honey tea is a relaxing tea that can help you with optimal health and wellness.

You can find Manuka honey tea in many online and selected health food stores. However, it's critical to know precisely what you're getting before you buy – not all Manuka honey is created equal.

We understand that your cup of tea is unique to you, and it should be the most enjoyable part of your day. The Flowering Herb New Zealand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that we'll do everything to help you find your ideal cup of tea when you shop with us.

Explore the different options of Manuka flower tea with us and make the best choice to quench your thirst for tea.


Q1 Are Manuka flowers edible?

The Manuka flowers generate high-quality honey that is good for eating and has numerous health benefits 

Q2 Can you gather seeds from flowering manuka?

Manuka has a stiff, woody seed capsule that measures 5-6 mm in diameter and lasts for a year or more after flowering.

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