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What is better than coming home from a long day to a steaming brew; or starting your day with your favourite cup of tea? Tea is a trustworthy companion whether you want to wind down, relax and destress after a tough day, or get energised for the day ahead.

Of course, we love tea, and so do millions of others worldwide! and it's no wonder. Tea, as well as being enjoyable, is said to be very good for our health and wellbeing. There are tea varieties that have the potential to assist us to reduce inflammation, boost our immune systems, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol and even improve our mental alertness. 

Tea comes in many different varieties, and tea is a tasty substitute for those of us who don’t want to drink fattening or sugary drinks, are looking for a healthier substitute for coffee or simply don't want to drink plain old boring water all of the time.  

If you want to get the most benefits out of every cup of tea you drink, we recommend purchasing our range of certified organic teas. Often, they aren't any more expensive than our regular teas, but the benefits of going organic can be substantial not only for us, but also for the world we live in. Here are some reasons we recommend going organic: 

7 Reasons To Choose Organic Tea For Healthier Living

1. Organic Teas are gentler and kinder to the environment (and therefore more sustainable)

Tea Cup

One of the main differences between organic vs. conventional teas is the method used for farming the tea. The cultivation of organic tea avoids the use of chemically based fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilisers. Instead, organic tea farmers look back to nature and use environmentally friendly biological processes to develop and maintain their tea crops. This means organic methods of farming tea are both gentler and kinder to the environment than conventionally farmed teas. 

2. Organic Teas are gentler and kinder to people (and therefore more socially responsible)

Organic Tea Tree

If social responsibility is your thing, you'll definitely want to opt for our organic teas. As well as being kinder and gentler to the environment, organic farming methods are safer for the people who are on the farms looking after the herbs, spices and tea trees that go into our teas. 

3. Organic Teas Taste Better-

Organic tea Material

Taste plays a vital role in deciding which type of tea to choose and because organic tea farming only uses natural methods to manage pests and to fertilise the crops you will only experience delicious natural flavours when you opt for organic teas.

So, if you have a refined palate you'll definitely want to opt for the organic version of the tea. 

4. Organic tea enhances the benefits of the tea-

Organic tea

Teas produced organically aren't exposed to chemicals in any part of the processing journey chemicals aren't able to enter into the leaf structure. This means the tea leaf is able to maintain its integrity and offer us the best quality experience and well as provide the highest nutritional value. If you are looking for bang for buck, purchasing organic teais the way to go.  

5. No GMOs - Guaranteed-


Certified Organic teas contain no GMOs. 

6. Organic Tea Helps Reduce Pollution-

Organic Tea Helps Reduce Pollution

Certified organic standards do not permit the use of toxic chemicals in farming. These standards also require the responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity. This means toxins won't be escaping into water systems, nor will they be entering our food chains as a result of the tea you drink. 

7. Organic teas help to reduce the impacts of climate change-

climate change

By choosing organic teas, you are supporting farmers whose methods actively improve soil health. Healthy soil is important in combating climate change as it acts to pull carbon out of the atmosphere rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. Climate change is occurring because there is too much carbon in our atmosphere. 

Closing comments

We know there are a lot of factors that influence which tea to buy. We hope that you'll take our above information into consideration when you make your next tea purchase. Here at The Flowering Herb we try to make all our tea purchases organic, and we hope we can encourage more people to do the same. 

Live well, stay well, and be happy :) 

 Disclaimer: The information provided by The Flowering Herb is intended as general information for entertainment purposes only. We are not healthcare providers and we do not hold any healthcare qualification. The content contained on this site is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical treatment and we are not making any recommendations for your personal situation. We therefore strongly recommend and encourage you to consult with your primary health practitioner prior to making any changes to your diet/consumption habits or purchasing any of our products with the intent of manage any health condition. 



























Shiva Ji
Shiva Ji

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