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Frequently Asked Questions

What is breakfast tea, and why is it called "breakfast" tea?

Breakfast tea is a robust and flavourful blend of black teas, often characterised by its bold and brisk taste. It's called "breakfast" tea because it's traditionally enjoyed in the morning to provide an invigorating start to the day.

What does breakfast tea taste like?

Breakfast tea typically has a strong and malty flavour with a hint of briskness. The taste can vary depending on the specific blend, with some being more robust and others milder.

Is breakfast tea caffeinated?

Yes, breakfast tea is usually made from black tea leaves, which contain caffeine. It's known for providing a natural energy boost due to its caffeine content.

What are the different types of breakfast tea?

There are several popular types of breakfast tea, including English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, New Zealand Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast. Each type has its unique flavour profile and strength.

Can breakfast tea be enjoyed with milk and sugar?

Yes, breakfast tea is often served with milk and sweeteners like sugar or honey. The addition of milk can create a creamier and milder flavour, while sweeteners enhance the sweetness.

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