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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comoro tea, and where does it come from?

Comoro Tea is a favourite amongst the Harney & Sons special blends. It is a calorie free sweet treat that is also sugar free (unless you add your own of course). It is a decaffeinated black tea with vanilla flavours from the Comoro islands.

What does Comoro tea taste like?

Vanilla Comoro tea from Harney & Sons has a wonderfully rich malty, yet light bodied character. Each sip is accompanied by creamy vanilla swirls making it a joy experience to drink.

How is Comoro tea processed?

Harney & Sons use the CO2 method to decaffeinate their Vanilla Comoro tea. This process allows the full flavour profile to be retained after the decaffeination process is complete. The CO2 method uses high pressure and high temperatures to liquidise the CO2 so it can attract the caffeine molecules and allow them to be removed from the tea without affecting the flavour.

Are there different grades of Comoro tea?

No. Harney & Sons is currently the only brand that produces vanilla Comoro tea.

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