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Frequently Asked Questions

What is jasmine tea, and how is it made?

Jasmine tea is a type of tea that is scented with jasmine blossoms. It is typically made by layering or mixing green, white, or black tea leaves with fresh jasmine flowers. The tea absorbs the fragrance of the jasmine flowers during the scenting process.

What does jasmine tea taste like?

Jasmine tea has a delicate and floral aroma with a subtly sweet and slightly astringent taste. The flavor can vary depending on the base tea used, with green jasmine tea being the most common.

Is jasmine tea caffeinated?

The caffeine content of jasmine tea depends on the base tea used. Green and white jasmine teas typically contain some caffeine, while herbal jasmine teas are caffeine-free.

Can I blend jasmine tea with other flavors?

Yes, jasmine tea pairs well with other flavors and herbs. It's often blended with ingredients like mint, lavender, or fruit to create unique and aromatic blends.

What are the potential health benefits of jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea is believed to have potential health benefits, including antioxidant properties, improved digestion, stress relief, and relaxation. It's also enjoyed for its soothing and aromatic qualities.

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