T Leaf T Green Tea Classic - Six Sampler Tea Gift

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The T Leaf T Green Tea Classic - Six Sampler contains six mini tins of loose leaf black tea blend samples.

  • Gunpowder
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls
  • Lung Ching
  • Silver Needle
  • High Grade Jasmine
  • Sencha

T Leaf T's six samplers contain a variety of teas making them an ideal gift to start exploring the wonderful world of teas and infusions.

T Leaf T want you to know while they do their best to ensure the sampler contains the teas as described there could be the odd occasion where the teas differ slightly. 


  • GUNPOWDER: green tea.
  • JASMINE DRAGON PEARLS: green tea, jasmine blossoms.
  • LUNG CHING: green tea.
  • SILVER NEEDLE: white tea.
  • HIGH GRADE JASMINE: green tea, jasmine blossoms.
  • SENCHA: green tea.

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