T Leaf T Mixed Tea - Six Sampler Tea Gift Set

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The T Leaf T Mixed Tea - Six Sampler contains six mini tins of mixed loose leaf teas and infusions.

  • New Zealand Breakfast
  • Chai
  • Kawakawa Fire
  • Tokyo Lime
  • Peppermint
  • Berrylicious

T Leaf T's six samplers contain a variety of teas making them an ideal gift to start exploring the wonderful world of teas and infusions.

T Leaf T want you to know while they do their best to ensure the sampler contains the teas as described there could be the odd occasion where the teas differ slightly. 



CHAI black tea, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, ginger, star anise, black tea (Rainforest Alliance), cardamom fruits (green), flavour, natural flavour.

KAWAKAWA FIRE ginger, lemongrass, kawakawa

TOKYO LIME green tea, white tea, lemon peels, natural flavour, sunflower petals, natural citrus flavour, rose petals, chamomile blossoms.

PEPPERMINT cut peppermint

BERRYLICIOUS hibiscus, rose hip peels, apple bits, elderberries, blackberries, blackberry leaves, flavour, strawberry bits, raspberries.

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