Tea Total Darjeeling First Flush Tea

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Tea Total's Darjeeling First Flush is a premium tea flown directly from the tea gardens of India to the Tea Total warehouse. This Darjeeling has a tantalising flower bouquet and ripe fruit aromas giving it a distinctive mellowness.

Sourced from the "Namring" tea estate which started back in 1855 by British planters, this estate is divided into three smaller tea estates, Namring, Jinglam and Poomong. The "Namring Upper Estate" produces the most premium quality Darjeeling from the highest altitude stretching up to the Tiger Hills, with an incredible viewpoint over the Himalayan region. The three plantations are located between 1000 and 2500 meters high and stretches along 440 hectares.

This estate is known to produce some very rare Darjeeling teas. 

Every year the Tea Total team selects from different samples, searching for the tea that most closely matches their taste requirements so they can produce a tea they're confident you'll enjoy.  

Fun Fact: Darjeeling is often called the "champagne" of tea

Brewing tips
1 teaspoon for 250ml cup
Add freshly boiled water
Steep for 3-5 minutes then pour

Premium Darjeeling black tea

Best Before Date: August 2023

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