Zente 800ml Red Cast Iron Teapot

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As the name suggests the Zente 800ml Red Cast Iron Teapot is made of cast iron.  It comes complete with an enamel coating on the inside and includes a stainless steel infuser basket. The exterior is painted and is designed to wear over time to give a rustic appeal. 

Enamel coated cast iron teapots are designed to maximise the flavour of your quality teas by optimising the conditions for brewing teas.

Enamel Coated cast iron teapots (Tetsu Kyusu) are a must have for all tea lovers. They are:

  • non-porous which means they don't absorb flavours or smells that could otherwise taint your tea like some unglazed ceramic teapots do, which means your tea will be more pure and consequently taste better. 
  • thermally dense which helps to ensure the water remains at an even temperature for longer than ceramic, stainless steel and glass teapots. They also heat the tea evenly allowing your tea's character and complexity to fully develop. 
  • beautiful and a bit of a statement piece. 
  • durable which makes them good value because they last so long
  • easy to clean.

Please note: Cast iron tea pots are not designed to boil water and therefore should never be placed over an open flame or on the stovetop. 

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